Starred Review: ‘Glenn Gould: Sketches of Solitude’

glenngouldecover copy


Title: “Glen Gould: Sketches of Solitude” by Anne Kaufmann, Illustrated by Rudin Koci ( ISBN-13: ISBN:978-0-9868657-9-4), BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Performing Arts / Music, 134 pages, 15.34 x 22.86 cm, Price: $24.99 U.S./CAN Available: Ingram, Brownridge Publishing, Amazon
“‘Sketches of Solitude’ is a delight to read. If you are fascinated with the genius of Gould as an artist and musician (a fascination shared with thousands of Canadians as well as music-lovers throughout the world) this book is definitely for you. The book is well-researched and grounded in factual episodes of Gould’s life, but it is written with all the compelling closeness of a novel. The illustrations are beautiful expressions of Gould’s emotions and the prose is poetic and evocative. Reading this, you feel as though you have somehow stepped into the mind of the young Glenn Gould and can hear his thoughts and feel his own joy in the creation of the music. If you have never before read about the life and achievements of Glenn Gould, then this is a great place to start, an interesting fact-filled introduction to the world of Glenn Gould (Did you know that Glenn sang to cows? Or that he soaked his hands in hot water before every performance?) If you are already an avid Gould fan, you will enjoy stepping into the fictionalized account of the thoughts and emotions of the musical genius.  We give this five stars … a must-read for Gould fans of all ages!


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