Starred Review: “Broken Faith” by H. D. Moore

****4 Stars – Canadian Book Reviews

Broken Faith is an amazing story touches the soul and captures the heart. Not only does it deliver a plot packed with mystery and intrigue, but it celebrates what is good and pure and decent in people, something one frequently forgets when you watch the news or read sensationalist newspapers. It is a story of love, and healing and human kindness that counters most powerfully the evil that exists in the world.

The story begins with the main character, Foster, sitting alone in his farmhouse. His head is full of memories, and he still talks to his wife who has been dead for about a year: her kind spirit still somehow haunts the old farmhouse that Foster is left to run.

Then there is a freak snow-storm and a barrage of strangers soon enter onto the scene to pull Foster out of his silence: A young pregnant mother whose car has gone off the road and a young five-year-old boy and his father who have been in an accident. The little boy who is stranded at the farmstead with his father says, “What’s wrong with this place? I like it. The light is all soft and glowie like. It feels kind of magic.” And somehow, it is magical. This farm is a place where miracles happen, particularly the miracle of kindness.
Foster’s character is realistic and at the same time, something very special: He is that seemingly rare creature: a really good man. He really is a man who stands for all good men, fathers and grandfathers, husbands and brothers who would extend a hand to their fellow human beings in need never counting the cost. When the young pregnant girl, Mary, goes into labour, he hitches up a horse and donkey to an old cutter and manages to get her to a hospital on time. He also takes the cutter to pick up the doctor who can’t make it out in the snowstorm. When he meets Faith, a girl broken in body and soul having been kidnapped and abused by a vicious man, he agrees to take her into his farm-house like she is a part of his large family and nurse her back to health as if she were his own daughter.

Toward the middle of the book, the mystery surrounding Faith begins to deepen and there is a real sense of danger as the man who has kept her in captivity for eight years comes looking for her. Just as Faith is becoming a part of a real family for the first time in her life, the dangerous web of political and religious intrigue widens and the reader is compelled to read to the very last page to find out the meaning of Faith’s history … and of her future.

About the Author

H.D. Moore is a poet, actor, storyteller and raconteur and writer living in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Past-times include singing and playing guitar and he is an avid outdoorsman. He is an ordained minister. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, Emmanuel College, Victoria University.

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