It’s only the purest love that can change his mind …


Book: Az: Revenge of an Archangel

Author: A. A. Bavar


This heroic tale by A. A. Bavar is unique and eminently enjoyable. It is ambitious in scope, rife with dramatic imagery and epic battles. Bavar’s angels are gritty yet monumental. They can be hurt in battle, but never killed. The central figure, Az, or Azriel, is one of the four archangels. He is the angel of death, harvesting souls for God and presenting them with one last chance at salvation. The main conflict of this story is a central one for all humankind: with so much hatred and sinfulness in mankind, is there anyone worth saving? Does mankind deserve the chance the Father has given it for salvation and eternal glory? The young Az believes in mankind and initially does his job with zeal. Then, he loses hope as he sees the centuries upon centuries of man’s atrocities. It’s only the purest love that can change his mind, which he finds in the heart of a young girl named Kay. I have never read anything like Az in modern times. It reminds me of older classics, like Milton’s Paradise Lost, except with the drama and excitement of a modern action movie. Az was a delight to read and one I highly recommend. This will be on my favourites list for a long time to come!

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